Ready to launch your Squarespace website? Many people think they are ready, but then find they keep pushing back their website launch date. Why? Well, they have seemingly valid reasons as to why they can’t launch, but we suggest you do not let perfect be the enemy of good.

Without a launch deadline, a site will always seem in need of "just one more" change. But in reality, whether you launch today, next week, or next month, your site will always be in need of changes. Websites are never "finished". From the moment you launch until the moment you sell a business, you will be making continuous site improvements — tweaking, deleting, creating, adding, shifting, updating content — so that your website performs well in the long run. 

If you truly believe you can’t launch until the last detail on your website is perfected, we invite you to keep reading.

Launching Your Squarespace Website

When you google “launch my Squarespace site”, the results look something like this:

  1. Is my site live?

  2. Publishing your site

  3. Making your site private

  4. Using a site-wide password

The order of the Squarespace articles in the search results is indicative of what many people encounter when launching a new business website. First, they are hesitant or unsure (is my site live?), then they get excited (publish my site!), then they rethink the whole affair (make my site private!) under the guise of “it’s not ready”.

The points listed below may sometimes be legitimate reasons to delay launching a business/brand/blog, but in many cases, they are simply excuses to avoid moving forward. Keep reading to see if you can launch your website today!

I can't launch because...

  • I don’t have a logo. Perhaps you don't have the budget for a branding project or maybe your designer is taking longer than expected. But if launching is the goal, launch with your business name (or site title) in a simple font, then add in branding elements when ready.

  • I don’t have all the products ready! Launch with the products that are ready, add new ones as you go. Or launch with your Squarespace product page locked with a “coming soon” message to generate buzz, traffic, and signups.

  • I don’t have a headshot for my bio. Launch without it and add it later.

  • I don’t have a budget for a photographer or design work. Consider stock images for now.

  • I can’t find the exact-right-perfect image for my Home page banner. If your goal is to launch, find something that works for now, then keep searching. And remember, even though many Squarespace templates show hero images, not every website needs one.

  • I don’t have time to tackle email marketing. Open a free Mailchimp account as a holding place for any emails you gather. While you might not have the perfect “welcome email” ready for your initial subscribers, you can still gather contact info from interested parties.

  • I don't own the perfect domain. Plenty of startups didn't let a domain stop them.

  • I don’t have the perfect Twitter handle yet. Oh my.

  • I only have copy for 3 FAQs, I think there should be more. Then go write that copy today. Or hire someone. Or launch and write it next week. Stop procrastinating.

  • I have to take snacks to my kid’s school event, so I will launch next week. I understand. Really I do. Just know that if you push back the launch, next week you might have the flu, then the next week your business partner will be out of town, then your WiFi will go out, then there will be another school event. There will always be something.

  • I can’t decide if this link should be in the header or the footer. You will need to conquer analysis paralysis at some point. Move the link next week if you change your mind.

  • I haven't written any blog posts yet. For now, place the blog in your Squarespace "not linked" section, or create a post titled "Coming Soon..." and then write one soon.

  • I legitimately don’t have time to make important decisions. Then actively put your project on hold or delegate.

Get past the excuses & launch

How can you stop making excuses, focus, and launch your website?

Squarespace website launch
  • Set a deadline and stick to it. Choose an event (conference, workshop, seasonal event, etc.) as a deadline for launching your site. Anything that keeps you making decisions and moving forward is good.

  • Find an accountability partner to keep you on track. Or hire a Squarespace expert to help you manage the project.

  • Examine your goals. Are the tasks that are holding you up critical to achieving your goals? What is your website’s core purpose?

  • Examine the excuses. Is there something you are afraid of or something you are avoiding?

  • Separate the nice-to-haves from the must-haves. Wait on items that can be implemented in a later phase.

If you have invested time in creating your products, copy, service offerings, policies, etc. and if you have tested your site and processes, then you have a website that is ready to go. For now. Yes, details matter, but once you are busy selling like crazy, you really won't care if a particular font is 20 or 22 pixels. We promise.

Have you put in your best effort? Launch your website ... then keep working on it!

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