Squarespace announced the release of Squarespace 7 — this is the largest update to the CMS platform in two years. Features include:

  • a redesigned website manager interface

  • integrations with Google and Getty Images

  • new template designs and more

The interface changes allow users to see live updates without switching between the website manager and preview mode — meaning casual users should find the tool much more approachable and intuitive to use. And with the new Device View, you can preview your website on desktop, mobile, or tablet — although we still advise checking your site on individual devices as sometimes simply resizing a browser doesn’t do the trick. 

One feature we are super excited about is the Getty Images integration. Getty is a supplier of beautiful, high resolution images and vector art. Through Squarespace, you can now purchase images for $10 each — as compared to hundreds of dollars through regular channels. So, if you been putting off purchasing high quality images for your website, now's the time to do it! The deep integration allows you to browse through the Getty Images collection from within your Squarespace site. 

Squarespace 7 also offers 15 new variations on template designs, a landing page feature called Cover Pages, and an integration with Google Apps for Work. 

Currently, the new interface is only available to some customers, but will be rolled out to everyone as soon as possible. Once you have access to Squarespace 7, there will be a period of time where you can switch between the old and new interface, but eventually all users will be transitioned over. Squarespace 6 will be phased out entirely. 

At Collaborada, we are big fans of Squarespace and these new features give us more reasons to be excited! It is simply the best website tool for small businesses, freelancers, and creatives to build, maintain, and grow their online presence. 

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