2019 Squarespace Pricing

How much is Squarespace? Which hosting plan is best for your business goals? We do the math so you can easily see which plan best meets your needs.

Startups, established SMBs, and even enterprise organizations choose Squarespace for varied reasons. But whether you plan to use the platform for blogging, proof of concept, establishing an online presence, or just to promote a short-term initiative you need to understand the pricing structure — you may not actually need the “business plan” to get started.

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Squarespace Free Trial

Squarespace does not offer a free website option, but they do offer a default 2-week free trial without a credit card. If you plan to work with an approved Squarespace designer, you will get an extended 6-month free trial — plus a 20% discount on your first year.

And the extended trial and additional savings apply whether a designer provides a brief Squarespace training session or handles the entire website build.

Why is an extended trial useful? It allows you to dig deeper into the platform to ensure it meets your business requirements before paying for hosting.

Squarespace Plans: Website vs. Online Store

Squarespace currently offers 4 pricing plans — two of the plans are called Websites and two are called Online Stores. Note, the prices below are what you will pay if you sign up or switch plans today. If you are on an older plan, refer to Squarespace legacy pricing.

Annual vs Monthly

Our general recommendation is to pay for an annual plan (versus a month-to-month plan) to save on fees. When you pay annually, the pricing breaks down to $12 to $40 per month, versus $16 to $46 on the month-to-month options. But note, Squarespace only offers refunds within 14 days of purchasing an annual plan.

  1. Personal Website Plan: $144 billed annually // $16 billed monthly ($192/yr)

  2. Business Website Plan: $216 billed annually // $26 billed monthly ($312/yr)

  3. Basic Store Plan: $312 billed annually // $30 billed monthly ($360/yr)

  4. Advanced Store Plan: $480 billed annually // $46 billed monthly ($552/yr)

If these prices seem high, keep in mind that Squarespace is designed to be an all-in-one hosting platform. And everyone is eligible for a Squarespace discount their first year.

Take some time to figure out which plan you really need to get started. We often speak with people that selected the Business level, but they should actually be on the Personal plan. And we also see many Business plan sites that would be better served by a Basic Store plan.

Website Plans: Personal vs. Business

All Squarespace plans — Websites and Stores — include:

  • A mobile-ready website with hosting

  • Unlimited storage

  • SSL-security

  • Basic chat support

Personal Website Plan

$144 billed annually // $16 billed month-to-month ($192/year) — If you do not need to sell products or services online, then this level is the place to start.

When should you upgrade from this plan? If you want to use Squarespace commerce, integrate 3rd party apps, or use certain built-in marketing features, then you need to upgrade.

Business Website Plan

$216 billed annually // $26 billed month-to-month ($312/year) — This upgrade offers the ability to customize your website with code blocks. It also gives you nice-to-have features like a Promotional Pop-up, an Announcement Bar, and a Mobile Information Bar. And you can try out Squarespace Commerce, but note that Squarespace charges an additional 3% transaction fee on this plan.

When should you upgrade from this plan? Just looking at high-level numbers:

  • If you currently pay annually for the Business plan and sell at least $3200 of products or services online each year, then you should upgrade to the Basic Store plan. Why? Squarespace charges a 3% transaction fee on the Business plan. 3% of $3200 is $96. $216 (annual hosting) + $96 (transaction fees) = $312, which is the same amount as the Basic Store annual plan.

  • If you currently pay monthly for the Business plan and sell at least $135 of products or services each month, then it is time to upgrade to an Online Store plan. 3% of $135 is $4.05. $26 (monthly hosting) + $4 (transaction fee) = $30, which is the same amount as the Basic Store monthly plan.

  • Note, if you choose to pay for the Business plan monthly, then your cost for the year is $312, which is the same amount as the annual Basic Store plan.

Online Store Plans: Basic vs. Advanced

Online Store plans offer the same benefits as the Business plan above, but you will not pay the additional Squarespace transaction fee when selling products or services. Both Online Store plans offer:

  • Commerce-specific metrics

  • Customer coupon codes

  • ShipStation integration for label printing

  • Shopping on Instagram

Basic Store Plan

$312 billed annually // $30 billed month-to-month ($360/year) — See the Business Plan above to learn when it makes financial sense to switch to this plan.

Advanced Store Plan

$480 billed annually // $46 billed month-to-month ($552/year) — This upgrade gives you the ability to sell subscriptions, use gift cards, and offer more flexible discounts. It also introduces abandoned cart recovery and advanced shipping options.

Squarespace Offer Codes

Looking to save on your new Squarespace website? Currently, there are 3 ways to get a Squarespace promo code for your first year:

1) 10% Squarespace Coupon for Everyone

Many sites suggest they have an “exclusive offer code”, but anyone and everyone can get a 10% off promo code directly from Squarespace.

2) 20% Squarespace Discount for Designers

If you work with an approved designer, you get a 20% discount and an extended 6-month free trial.

  • If a designer opens the trial for you, the discount automatically applies when you upgrade to paid.

  • If you’ve already started a trial, when it comes time to pay, a designer can help apply the 20% promo code.

Squarespace promos and discounts

The discount and extended trial apply whether you hire a designer to build your entire site or schedule an on-demand training session — so this is an easy perk to get.

3) 50% Squarespace Student Discount

Students and faculty are eligible for a 50% off coupon through Squarespace's education program. To qualify, you must be a current faculty member or student at an accredited university or college and have a valid school email address.

To see if you are eligible for the promo, visit this site and search for your school. You can request to add it by clicking “My School Isn’t Listed”.

Other Squarespace Fees

How much does a Squarespace website really cost? Again, Squarespace is intended to be an all-in-one hosting platform, but there are some hidden fees and expenses that may catch you off guard.

  • The Squarespace Marketplace

    If you ask Squarespace Support for advanced help, they will encourage you to try their new “Marketplace”. What they don’t make clear is that the Marketplace charges an extra 10% commission fee per project. 5% paid by the designer and 5% paid by you. So, a design project quoted at $5000 would invoice to you for $5250.

    If you found yourself funneled into the Marketplace and inadvertently created a profile, you actually agreed to the platform’s terms which lock you into using the Marketplace with a designer for 2 years. All your web projects will include the extra 5% fee.

    Can you avoid Squarespace Marketplace fees? Yes, you can do this by just reaching out directly to web professionals through their agency or personal websites. Note, if you initially connected with a designer through the Marketplace, then you must use the platform to work with that designer.

    Considering working with us? Collaborada is listed in the new Marketplace. So simply establish contact with us before creating a Marketplace profile to avoid extra fees.

  • Domains

    You will pay to register a custom domain: www.yourbusiness.com

    We usually recommend GoDaddy, but Google, Squarespace, and others also offer domain registration.

  • Business email

    Your business needs professional email: name@yourbusiness.com

    Check with Google G Suite or your domain registrar regarding email hosting.

  • Email marketing

    If you want to send marketing emails, you will need to use an email marketing platform. Mailchimp offers a free tier for new businesses. Squarespace only offers paid plans.

  • Credit card fees

    If you take payments online or accept credit cards, you will pay processing fees. We suggest Stripe over Paypal.

Here at Collaborada, we offer many ways in which we can work together on your website. We provide assistance with web design, site migrationsSEO, 1:1 trainings and consults, Squarespace support and more! 

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