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execute with a plan

Website redesign projects often focus on new design concepts, but a design-only approach leads to SEO concerns being pushed aside. Whether you are moving a Wordpress site to Squarespace or just reorganizing content, you must devote time and budget to properly handling all your website details before a major restructuring. You don't want to lose search engine optimization work that is already in place. 

do it right the first time

When someone says "we built a new website and lost all our traffic," it is safe to assume that important details were overlooked in the redesign process. Any migration has a good chance of showing a temporary dip in traffic and rankings, but your website migration plan should ensure you don’t lose existing organic search traffic. In fact, if you do a redesign right, you won’t lose traffic or rankings — you may actually make gains. 

where Collaborada comes in

The time to seek help with migrating a website is before you launch. But if you already made a move and experienced a traffic loss, seek help sooner rather than later, as it might still be possible to correct some of the damage. And if it's been a while since your launch, let's devise a strategy to get you back in the running. We do Squarespace web design everyday and know that a flawless migration involves planning and attention to detail.

Attention to technical details and excellent customer service produced a website with higher traffic and better results in booking. We highly recommend Collaborada.
— Kim George // Guest Relations Manager Tempest Tours

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