The Request

Early Matters Greater Austin, an initiative of the United Way for Greater Austin and local business leaders, requested help redesigning their website and engaging their target audience with their primary content, the “Family-Friendly Workplace Toolkit”.

The Work

Collaborada redesigned site architecture and turned the text-heavy “Family-Friendly Workplace Toolkit” static PDF into an interactive user experience allowing readers to navigate different sections as they wish. During the project, we identified ranking opportunities within the Toolkit and optimized for SEO.

The Results

The online interactive content and redesigned website helped the nonprofit win new collaborations with other community organizations, identify local business advocates for early childhood, and ultimately secure the endorsement of the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Collaborada created an online platform to host our Family Friendly Workplace Toolkit that maximizes it’s potential and sustainability. Designed from a print document, the web version offers user-friendly navigation while affording Early Matters Greater Austin flexibility to update and refine the tool as the project expands and evolves.
— Cathy McHorse, Vice President

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