Email marketing and blogging work hand-in-hand for your small business. You know your business needs a blog and you probably already have an email opt-in form right on your blog. This is a fairly common practice based on the idea that once you've attracted someone to your website's blog, you can then ask them to subscribe to your email marketing campaigns. While blogging can help you to build an email marketing list, have you ever thought about how email marketing can help your blog? Below are a few ways you can use email marketing to drive traffic back to your blog.

Add a featured blog post to your email newsletter

Think about how you use the Internet. Do you have a list of favorite blogs you routinely visit just to see if they've posted something new? Probably not, and neither do your blog visitors. As much as you'd like to think visitors bookmark your blog and stop by regularly for updates, that rarely happens. By adding a short summary of one of your latest blog posts to your email newsletter — and linking to it — you can send many of your subscribers back to your website. 

Add a "share with a friend" button to your email marketing campaigns

Whether sending a newsletter, coupon, or other promotion, make sure your subscribers have an easy way to share your email marketing campaigns with their friends and colleagues. Email marketing platforms like MailChimp include easy-to-use "share" buttons that allow for sharing via email or on popular social network sites. As your subscribers share your email marketing materials, many of their friends and colleagues will likely be inspired to check out your business blog (especially if you include links to some of your most engaging blog posts).

Post your email campaigns online

In addition to asking your subscribers to share your messages with others, you may want to post a copy of your electronic newsletters online. Depending on which email marketing platform you use, you may be able to set up your campaigns so they are automatically shared on social accounts -- helping you to use social media as a marketing tool.

Include a call to action to visit your blog

Each email marketing message should have a clearly defined goal and a related call to action. While your goals may vary, it's not a bad idea to periodically send messages designed specifically to drive traffic back to your blog. For example, you could send a monthly blog digest containing short summaries of your most popular blog posts for the month. When doing so, include a call to action to visit your website to catch up on the latest news. If needed, consult with an email marketing expert on specific email strategies for your industry and market. 

Using opt-in forms on your blog is a great way to start building an email marketing list. Now that you have a list, use email marketing to direct subscribers back to your website. 

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