Does your brick and mortar business keep a notepad near the cash register to gather customer emails? Do you still use a fish bowl to collect business cards at events and trade shows? Both methods of email list building are outdated and time-consuming. And the fish bowl method may or may not give you permission to email contacts. 

Mobile Signup Forms to Grow Your List

If your small business uses email marketing, then you already should be familiar with the idea of permission-based marketing. Mailchimp defines permission as:

consent to receive marketing communication that is express and verifiable

 — and it is required by anti-spam laws everywhere.

So, what is an updated, efficient method of collecting emails addresses at storefronts or conferences that also provides permission? Mailchimp Subscribe (formerly Chimpadeedoo) is an easy mobile signup app for iOS and Android tablets. The permission-based double opt-in process builds a more effective list. 

Design Flexible, Branded Forms

With Mailchimp Subscribe, your business can create as many signup forms as needed — design one form to use in your store and another for a special event. You can upload logos, customize the messaging, and add your own background image. Most importantly, the app supports groups and segmentation for lists. If you want to go even further, you can A/B test different forms to see which one resonates best with your customers. 


Once your form is designed and ready to accept emails, you can enable passcode protection for the form. In addition, you will probably want to lock your tablet in a kiosk mode to prevent users from changing settings or switching apps. Then consider how you will physically secure the tablet in a public or retail setting. Would it work best to mount the tablet to a wall, counter, or floor stand? Or would a simple cable lock suffice? 

Mailchimp Subscribe means no more tedious lists or fish bowls full of business cards — which equals more efficiency for your business. Update your email subscriber collection process today with a small amount of effort.

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