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Even if you're not a collaborada client, you can use our know-how to propel your small business to the next level


Whether you need a quick refresher or an in-depth lesson, we truly enjoy helping you master the tools and strategies that empower you to take control of your business. We are friendly and fun to work with, but more important we help you move forward faster. All sessions are with our Founder, Christine Darby, allowing you to leverage her expertise and years of experience. Just select a time on our calendar that is convenient for you and we'll call you then.

Your personalized session can cover Squarespace, SEO, conversion rates, blogging, MailChimp, anayltics, social media, or more. We are approved Squarespace Specialists and MailChimp Experts. We also assist with other platforms, third-party integrations, technical tasks and high-level strategy. You get expert assistance, honest feedback, and hands-on help.

Our session was very helpful. Loved it. Already implemented everything you suggested. Thank you so much for the guidance.
— Glaucia Stanganelli // Designer // 30-Min Consult


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90-minutes is recommended for an initial SEO session.


Quick Refresher

30-Minute Call


1-on-1 Consultation

Screen Share + Phone Call

Have quick questions? Need a fresh pair of eyes on your site? Book this session.

30 Minutes


60-Minute Call


1-on-1 Consultation

Screen Share + Phone Call

Familiar with the basics? Want to take your efforts further? Book this session.

60 Minutes

In-Depth Consult

90-Minute Call


1-on-1 Consultation

Screen Share + Phone Call

Just getting started? Want to gain a solid understanding? Book this session.

90 Minutes

All fees are US Dollars and due at time of booking. Appointment may be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance.

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