Looking for a coupon?

Are you looking to save on your new Squarespace website? Currently, there are 3 ways to receive a Squarespace discount on a new website or commerce plan:

1) 10% off for everyone

Anyone and everyone can get a 10% off promo code directly from Squarespace. Super easy!

2) 20% Discount with a Squarespace Specialist

If you work with an approved Squarespace Specialist or Circle member, you get a 20% discount ... and you get an extended 6-month free trial versus the standard 14-day trial period. Good things to know:

  • If we open a Squarespace trial website for you, the 20% savings automatically applies when you upgrade to a paid plan.

  • If you already started a trial, when it comes time to pay, we can log in to help complete the transaction and the promo will appear at checkout.

Get in touch to learn more about saving 20% today. We are happy to answer any questions!

3) 50% savings for students and faculty

Students and faculty are eligible for 50% off through Squarespace's education program. To qualify, you must be a current faculty member or student at an accredited university or college and have a valid school email address. To see if your school is eligible, visit this site and search for your school. (If your school is not found in the results, you can request to add it by clicking the "Where's My School?" button.) 

Here at Collaborada, we offer many ways in which we can work together on your website. We provide assistance with Squarespace web design, site migrationsSEO, 1:1 trainings and consults, Squarespace support and more! 

Want to explore working together?

* All discount offers are valid towards the first payment on an annual billing cycle. Discounts may not be used in combination with each other and they do not apply to future renewals, reactivations, or upgrades/downgrades. The amount of any discount will vary depending on the Squarespace plan you choose.