Do you want to offer a paid subscription email newsletter on your Squarespace website? Currently, the platform does not handle recurring payments, so a subscription-based newsletter requires some additional setup. We're super excited to show you how!

Choosing a Subscription / Member Solution

Squarespace Paid Email Subscription

When a client asked how to set up a premium newsletter subscription on Squarespace, we set to work researching possible solutions. Before starting, we knew that any 3rd party software must integrate with MailChimp and Stripe. Why? First, Squarespace plays nicely with both of these services. So, if/when Squarespace implements a subscription or membership solution, these apps will be part of that service. Second, our client is already an active MailChimp user.

Many of our clients are busy small business owners that are short on time, so we look for software solutions that are easy to implement and maintain. 

Armed with these requirements, we searched forums to discover what other Squarespace users had tried. The list of apps included: Recurly, Moonclerk, Memberful, Chargebee, Paywhirl, Tinypass, RecurHub, MediaPass, and SentryLogin.

Some of these apps were immediately discarded due to lack of integrations. Others were overkill and some were just not up to par. After evaluating free trials, our two recommendations to this particular client were Memberful and Moonclerk. After further evaluation, Memberful was the winner.

Memberful Features

Memberful markets itself as simple online membership and subscription software — and it is. Just copy a bit of code to your Squarespace site, link to your Stripe account, and with a little more setup you are ready to sell subscriptions. Memberful provides documentation on integrating Squarespace. Some key features:

  • Customers stay on your site when making a purchase.

  • Customers have complete control over updating a credit card or canceling a subscription.

  • The MailChimp sync automatically keeps your active subscriber list up-to-date.

  • You can offer customers free trials or coupons.

  • And the Memberful free trial takes advantage of Stripe’s testing environment to sample credit card purchases.

Another selling point was the great customer support. Questions were answered quickly by Memberful Founder, Drew Strojny, or his team. All responses were accurate and actionable. (Side note: from what I’ve encountered, SaaS solutions utilizing Intercom for customer communication are typically serious about quality customer service.) 


To complete the subscription email newsletter setup, integrate Memberful with your MailChimp account. (Memberful provides documentation on this process too.) Now, you are ready to create newsletters in MailChimp and send to your subscribers!

Update // We liked Memberful so much that we opted to use the software too — you can see the integration in action on our Squarespace Support page. Let us know if we can answer any questions!

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