Google posted an update about Fiber in Austin. It is a reminder that if you want the service, you and your neighbors need to communicate that to Google. The sign up process takes place next year. 

The service provides internet connection speed about 100 times faster than your current connection. Practically speaking, this means you will be able to stream HD movies with little - if any - delays, connect more and more devices to your home network without performance issues, and for those of us regularly using Facetime or Google Hangouts, gone are the days of frozen pictures.

So far, three cities have been chosen for the Fiber service: Kansas City, Provo, UT and Austin. Google states:

Austin is known globally as a mecca for creative and entrepreneurial people, including musicians, artists, tech companies, and the University of Texas and its new medical research hospital to name a few. High-speed ubiquitous connectivity can make an immediate impact on the work of all of these groups. When we were originally choosing where to bring Fiber in 2010, Austin had one of the most enthusiastic responses. Austin city leaders have worked hard to make this possible, and we’re excited to be here.

Fiber is currently intended for residential use and public institutions like schools and libraries. At this writing, businesses are excluded from using the service. But what does this mean for home-based businesses? A recent Google post provided clarification for small businesses:

Can home-based businesses use Google Fiber? Yes, if you live in and work from your home (e.g. accountant, graphic designer, online tutor, talent agent for clowns), you can use Google Fiber. Just make sure you read through and comply with our terms of service.

If you have any questions about your own usage of the service, contact Google Fiber support

For those wanting a perspective from the other side of all the hype, check out 5 Disappointing Facts about Google Fiber from the Provo Buzz.

If you are wondering who gets the service first, it is determined by customer demand - ask your neighbors to speak up. Visit Google Fiber and enter your email address to receive updates or follow the Google Fiber blog

Good luck to everyone hoping to be the next fiberhood!