Once again, the White House proclaimed November is National Entrepreneurship Month. The effects of entrepreneurs on job growth and innovation across the country are officially recognized and appreciated.  

President Obama states:  

"The entrepreneurial spirit has always been at the heart of our Nation's story. With inventions that changed American life and startups that lifted our economy as they grew, entrepreneurs helped make our country what it is today. During National Entrepreneurship Month, we celebrate America's innovators, support small businesses, and empower entrepreneurs to turn their visions into reality."

Doesn't if feel great to receive recognition for your hard work, long hours, and sacrifices? And these are not empty words from our government. The White House encourages innovation and entrepreneurship through programs like Startup America and The Presidential Innovation Fellows.

To anyone that took the leap, followed your dreams, built a business, and created a brighter future, I encourage you to consider giving your time, services, products, or encouragement to someone just starting out - what's easy for you is not necessarily easy for someone else. Give thanks to those who supported your initial endeavors and then pay it forward to someone else. Check out Collaborada's Pay-It-Forward program to see how we give back or visit our Resource page for a list of organizations who aim to help entrepreneurs.

As the proclamation says: 

"Our Nation is strongest when we broaden entrepreneurial opportunity, when more of us can test our ideas in the global marketplace, and when the best innovations can rise to the top. We all have a role to play -- from colleges and universities that cultivate hubs of innovation, to large companies that collaborate with small businesses, to foundations that support both social enterprises and high-impact startups seeking to solve the grand challenges of our time. As we observe this month and celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, let us come together and help aspiring entrepreneurs take a chance on themselves and their visions for a brighter future."

Best of luck to you all!