Our website states: "We build relevant, responsive websites. Bring your brand to life on the premiere platform for crafting easy-to-maintain content management systems." What is this platform?

Squarespace is the website solution we recommend and implement for the majority of small businesses. This site is built on Squarespace. 

Currently, Squarespace is the leading WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) tool. WYSIWYG means that what you see during development is a close approximation to what you see in the finished design. Drag-and-drop content blocks allow for quick editing. You do not need to be familiar with web coding to maintain your Squarespace site. 

Templates allow for faster development which means better rates for our clients. The provided templates are built for blogging, e-commerce, or galleries. If you desire you can import older blog posts into Squarespace. And they offer integrations with social media sites, Disqus, Google Analytics, MailChimp, OpenTable and more.

Customization is available for fonts, colors, and page layouts. Further customization of your site is made possible by the ability to add CSS or HTML to certain elements of the pages. And Squarespace offers advanced tools for search engine optimization with custom URLs, meta descriptions, and page descriptions.

To be fair, there is at least one drawback. At this time, development of a Squarespace site can only be done from a computer or laptop - which means making changes from your iPad is not an option (updates can sometimes be made, but the process is buggy). But, they do offer an iOS app for updating blogs. 

Squarespace's features plus their great customer service are appreciated, but the maintainability and affordable pricing are usually what convince clients it is the right choice. If something more accessible and functional comes along we will let you know, but as of this writing, Squarespace meets the needs of the majority of our small business clients. 

Learn about Squarespace Pricing.

*See our update on Squarespace 7 here.

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